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About Byron...

As a voice over talent, Byron has worked with production and broadcasting companies for over a decade. With a background in vocal performance, audio production, radio and music, he's voiced projects ranging from promos and documentaries to e-learning and explainer videos.

Byron's work with local, regional and national campaigns led to the creation of Bo'nirex Voiceover Production based in Dayton, Ohio, where he records remotely from his home studio.

Voiceover Coaching & Guidance

Teri Clark Linden | Edge Studio, New York | Gabrielle Nistico | Harry Dunn | VO Dojo | Joyce Castellanos | Thom Pinto







Home Studio

From mic to recording software, Byron is committed to delivering quality audio. Finished files can be sent by email or file share. Sessions can also be linked through Source Connect or Skype.

Contact Byron

Think Byron has the sound you need for your message or story? Send an email with a few lines of your script to receive a custom audition and price quote. Emails are usually returned within 24 hours.